Class TemporaryTableDialect

  • public abstract class TemporaryTableDialect
    extends Object
    Created by Viliam Repan (lazyman).
    • Constructor Detail

      • TemporaryTableDialect

        public TemporaryTableDialect()
    • Method Detail

      • generateTemporaryTableName

        public String generateTemporaryTableName​(String baseTableName)
        Generate a temporary table name given the base table.
        baseTableName - The table name from which to base the temp table name.
        The generated temp table name.
      • getCreateTemporaryTableString

        public String getCreateTemporaryTableString()
        Command used to create a temporary table.
        The command used to create a temporary table.
      • getCreateTemporaryTablePostfix

        public String getCreateTemporaryTablePostfix()
        Get any fragments needing to be postfixed to the command for temporary table creation.
        Any required postfix.
      • getDropTemporaryTableString

        public String getDropTemporaryTableString()
        Command used to drop a temporary table.
        The command used to drop a temporary table.
      • dropTemporaryTableAfterUse

        public boolean dropTemporaryTableAfterUse()
        Do we need to drop the temporary table after use?
        True if the table should be dropped.