Class JpaPropertyDefinition<T extends JpaPropertyDefinition<T>>

    • Method Detail

      • isLob

        public boolean isLob()
      • isEnumerated

        public boolean isEnumerated()
      • isIndexed

        public boolean isIndexed()
      • isCount

        public boolean isCount()
      • isNeverNull

        public boolean isNeverNull()
      • nextLinkDefinition

        public DataSearchResult nextLinkDefinition​(ItemPath path,
                                                   ItemDefinition itemDefinition,
                                                   PrismContext prismContext)
        Description copied from class: JpaDataNodeDefinition
        Tries to find "next step" in the translation process for a given ItemPath.
        Specified by:
        nextLinkDefinition in class JpaDataNodeDefinition<T extends JpaPropertyDefinition<T>>
        path - A path to be resolved. Always non-null and non-empty. Should produce at least one transition.
        itemDefinition - Item definition for the item being sought. Needed only for "any" items.
        - Normally it returns the search result containing next item definition (entity, collection, ...) in the chain and the unresolved remainder of the path. The transition may be empty ("self") e.g. for metadata or construction. - If the search was not successful, returns null.
      • accept

        public void accept​(Visitor visitor)
      • debugDump

        public String debugDump​(int indent)