Class EnumOrdinalItemFilterProcessor<E extends Enum<E>>

  • Type Parameters:
    E - type of enum on the enum contained in object filter, this is optionally mapped to final type used for ordinal. Can be null if no mapping is needed.
    All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class EnumOrdinalItemFilterProcessor<E extends Enum<E>>
    extends SinglePathItemFilterProcessor<PropertyValueFilter<E>>
    Filter processor for a an attribute path (Prism item) of enum type that is mapped to SQL as ordinal value.
    • Method Detail

      • mapper

        public static ItemSqlMapper mapper​(@NotNull
                                           @NotNull Function<com.querydsl.core.types.EntityPath<?>,​com.querydsl.core.types.Path<?>> rootToQueryItem)
        Returns the mapper creating the enum filter processor from context. With no value conversion function the filter value must contain enum whose ordinal numbers are used in the repository.
      • mapper

        public static <E extends Enum<E>> ItemSqlMapper mapper​(@NotNull
                                                               @NotNull Function<com.querydsl.core.types.EntityPath<?>,​com.querydsl.core.types.Path<?>> rootToQueryItem,
                                                               @Nullable Function<E,​Enum<?>> conversionFunction)
        Returns the mapper creating the enum filter processor from context with enum value conversion function.