Interface DynamicNamespacePrefixMapper

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    public interface DynamicNamespacePrefixMapper
    extends DebugDumpable
    Maps namespaces to preferred prefixes. Should be used through the code to avoid generation of prefixes.
    Igor Farinic, Radovan Semancik
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    MID-349 TODO consider removal from the Prism API
    • Method Detail

      • registerPrefix

        void registerPrefix​(String namespace,
                            String prefix,
                            boolean defaultNamespace)
      • registerPrefixLocal

        void registerPrefixLocal​(String namespace,
                                 String prefix)
      • setQNamePrefix

        QName setQNamePrefix​(QName qname)
      • setQNamePrefixExplicit

        QName setQNamePrefixExplicit​(QName qname)
        Makes sure that there is explicit prefix and not a default namespace prefix.
      • addDeclaredByDefault

        void addDeclaredByDefault​(String prefix)
      • getNamespacesDeclaredByDefault

        Map<String,​String> getNamespacesDeclaredByDefault()