Class TargetObjectSpecification<T extends AssignmentHolderType>

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    public abstract class TargetObjectSpecification<T extends AssignmentHolderType>
    extends Object
    Tells MappingSetEvaluator how to find target object. It can be either the source object itself (standard template mappings, assigned focus mappings) or another object (persona mappings). It can be fixed or derived from current ODO that is being updated as mappings are evaluated. (Currently we use only fixed target specification.)
    • Constructor Detail

      • TargetObjectSpecification

        public TargetObjectSpecification()
    • Method Detail

      • getTargetObject

        public abstract PrismObject<T> getTargetObject()
        The target object that is to be provided to the mapping evaluator. It is needed e.g. to find current values of mapping target item.
      • isSameAsSource

        public abstract boolean isSameAsSource()
        Is the target the same object as source, i.e. should mappings be chained?