Class AssignmentOrigin

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class AssignmentOrigin
    extends AbstractFreezable
    Describes assignment origin e.g. if it's in object old, current, or in delta; if it's virtual or not.
    • Method Detail

      • isVirtual

        public boolean isVirtual()
      • isNew

        public boolean isNew()
      • setNew

        public void setNew​(boolean value)
      • isCurrent

        public boolean isCurrent()
      • isOld

        public boolean isOld()
      • isInDeltaAdd

        public boolean isInDeltaAdd()
      • isInDeltaDelete

        public boolean isInDeltaDelete()
      • isBeingAdded

        public boolean isBeingAdded()
        Assignment is either being added in the current wave or was added in some of the previous waves.
      • isBeingDeleted

        public boolean isBeingDeleted()
        Assignment is either being deleted in the current wave or was deleted in some of the previous waves.
      • isBeingKept

        public boolean isBeingKept()
        Assignment was present at the beginning and is not being deleted.
      • getAbsoluteMode

        public PlusMinusZero getAbsoluteMode()
        Returns absolute mode of this assignment with regard to focus old state.