Interface PrismValueDeltaSetTripleProducer<V extends PrismValue,​D extends ItemDefinition>

    • Method Detail

      • getMappingQName

        QName getMappingQName()
      • getOutputTriple

        PrismValueDeltaSetTriple<V> getOutputTriple()
        Null output triple means "the mapping is not applicable", e.g. due to the condition being false. Empty output triple means "the mapping is applicable but there are no values".
      • isExclusive

        boolean isExclusive()
      • isAuthoritative

        boolean isAuthoritative()
      • isSourceless

        boolean isSourceless()
        Returns true if the mapping has no source. That means it has to be evaluated for any delta. This really applies only to normal-strength mappings.
      • getIdentifier

        String getIdentifier()
        Identifier of this producer; e.g. mapping name.
      • isStrong

        default boolean isStrong()
      • isNormal

        default boolean isNormal()
      • isWeak

        default boolean isWeak()
      • isPushChanges

        boolean isPushChanges()