Class ResourceAttributeImpl<T>

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      • getNativeAttributeName

        public String getNativeAttributeName()
        Returns native attribute name.

        Native name of the attribute is a name as it is used on the resource or as seen by the connector. It is used for diagnostics purposes and may be used by the connector itself. As the attribute names in XSD have to comply with XML element name limitations, this may be the only way how to determine original attribute name.

        Returns null if native attribute name is not set or unknown.

        The name should be the same as the one used by the resource, if the resource supports naming of attributes. E.g. in case of LDAP this annotation should contain "cn", "givenName", etc. If the resource is not that flexible, the native attribute names may be hardcoded (e.g. "username", "homeDirectory") or may not be present at all.

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        getNativeAttributeName in interface ResourceAttribute<T>
        native attribute name
      • getDebugDumpClassName

        protected String getDebugDumpClassName()
        Return a human readable name of this class suitable for logs.
        getDebugDumpClassName in class com.evolveum.midpoint.prism.impl.PrismPropertyImpl<T>