Interface TaskPartitionsDefinition.TaskPartitionDefinition

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        default String getName​(Task masterTask)
        Template for the subtask name. Overrides strategy.taskNameTemplate. The default is {masterTaskName} ({index})
      • getHandlerUri

        default String getHandlerUri​(Task masterTask)
        Template for the subtask handler URI. Overrides strategy.handlerUriTemplate. The default is {masterTaskHandlerUri}#{index}
      • getWorkManagement

        default TaskWorkManagementType getWorkManagement​(Task masterTask)
        Work state configuration to be planted into subtask, if copyWorkStateConfiguration is not true.
      • getExecutionEnvironment

        default TaskExecutionEnvironmentType getExecutionEnvironment​(Task masterTask)
        Execution environment to be used in subtask. Overrides strategy.executionEnvironment.
      • getExtension

        default ExtensionType getExtension​(Task masterTask)
        Extension to be added into the extension of subtask.
      • isCopyMasterExtension

        default Boolean isCopyMasterExtension​(Task masterTask)
        Whether to copy extension from master task into subtask. Overrides strategy.copyMasterExtension.
      • getOtherDeltas

        default Collection<ItemDelta<?,​?>> getOtherDeltas​(Task masterTask)
        Deltas to be applied to subtask after its creation. Applied before strategy.otherDeltas.
      • getDependents

        default Collection<Integer> getDependents()
        Dependents of this subtask, i.e. subtasks that should be started only after this subtask has finished. Provided as indices starting at 1.