Class IvwoConsolidator<V extends PrismValue,​D extends ItemDefinition,​I extends ItemValueWithOrigin<V,​D>>

  • public class IvwoConsolidator<V extends PrismValue,​D extends ItemDefinition,​I extends ItemValueWithOrigin<V,​D>>
    extends Object
    Consolidate the mappings of a single item to a delta. It takes the convenient structure of ItemValueWithOrigin triple. It produces the delta considering the mapping exclusion, authoritativeness and strength. filterExistingValues: if true, then values that already exist in the item are not added (and those that don't exist are not removed)
    • Constructor Detail

      • IvwoConsolidator

        public IvwoConsolidator()
    • Method Detail

      • getItemPath

        public ItemPath getItemPath()
      • setItemPath

        public void setItemPath​(ItemPath itemPath)
      • setIvwoTriple

        public void setIvwoTriple​(DeltaSetTriple<I> ivwoTriple)
      • getItemDefinition

        public D getItemDefinition()
      • setItemDefinition

        public void setItemDefinition​(D itemDefinition)
      • getAprioriItemDelta

        public ItemDelta<V,​D> getAprioriItemDelta()
      • setAprioriItemDelta

        public void setAprioriItemDelta​(ItemDelta<V,​D> aprioriItemDelta)
      • setItemContainer

        public void setItemContainer​(PrismContainer<?> itemContainer)
      • setValueMatcher

        public void setValueMatcher​(ValueMatcher valueMatcher)
      • setComparator

        public void setComparator​(Comparator<V> comparator)
      • isAddUnchangedValues

        public boolean isAddUnchangedValues()
      • setAddUnchangedValues

        public void setAddUnchangedValues​(boolean addUnchangedValues)
      • isFilterExistingValues

        public boolean isFilterExistingValues()
      • setFilterExistingValues

        public void setFilterExistingValues​(boolean filterExistingValues)
      • isExclusiveStrong

        public boolean isExclusiveStrong()
      • setExclusiveStrong

        public void setExclusiveStrong​(boolean isExclusiveStrong)
      • getContextDescription

        public String getContextDescription()
      • setContextDescription

        public void setContextDescription​(String contextDescription)
      • setStrengthSelector

        public void setStrengthSelector​(StrengthSelector strengthSelector)