Interface TaskManager

  • public interface TaskManager

    Task Manager Interface.

    Status: public Stability: DRAFT

    Radovan Semancik, Pavol Mederly

    Task manager provides controls task execution, coordination, distribution and failover between nodes, etc.

    This interface is just a basic framework for task management now. Although we hope that this is roughly almost final shape of the interface, the implementation is not complete and some changes may happen.

    This definition specifies interface of Task Manager - a component that controls (asynchronous) task execution.

    The task manager can store the task for later execution, switch them to background resume execution of a task from a different node, etc. Generally speaking, task manager provides operation to manage tasks in the whole midPoint cluster of IDM nodes.

    This interface partially adheres to [Common Interface Concepts], but the goals are slightly different. This interface should be conveniently used also for tasks that are not persistent (synchronous short tasks). Therefore some methods are made much more user-friendly while tolerating some redundancy in the interface.