Interface TaskHandler

    • Method Detail

      • heartbeat

        default Long heartbeat​(Task task)
      • refreshStatus

        default void refreshStatus​(Task task)
      • getCategoryName

        String getCategoryName​(Task task)
        Returns a category name for a given task. In most cases, the name would be independent of concrete task.
        task - a task, whose category is to be determined; if getCategoryNames() returns null, this method has to accept null value as this parameter, and return the (one) category name that it gives to all tasks
        a user-understandable name, like "LiveSync" or "Workflow"
      • getCategoryNames

        default List<String> getCategoryNames()
        Returns names of task categories provided by this handler. Usually it will be one-item list.
        a list of category names; may be null - in that case the category info is given by getCategoryName(null)