Class ImportAccountsFromResourceTaskHandler

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    TaskHandler, WorkBucketAwareTaskHandler

    public class ImportAccountsFromResourceTaskHandler
    extends AbstractSearchIterativeModelTaskHandler<ShadowType,​SynchronizeAccountResultHandler>
    Task handler for "Import from resource" task.

    The import task will search for all the accounts on a specific resource. It will pretend that all the accounts were just created and notify other components (mode) using the ResourceObjectChangeListener interface. This will efficiently result in importing all the accounts. Depending on the sync policy, appropriate user objects may be created, accounts may be linked to existing users, etc.

    The handler will execute the import in background. It is using Task Manager for that purpose, so the Task Manager instance needs to be injected. Most of the "import" action is actually done in the callbacks from provisioning searchObjectsIterative() operation.

    The import task may be executed on a different node (as usual for async tasks).

    Radovan Semancik
    See Also:
    TaskHandler, ResourceObjectChangeListener