10th June 2015

BizNet Bilisim


About us

Biznet was established in 2000 to operate in information security industry. Biznet started its operations in METU Technopolis, the first technology development zone in Turkey.

Starting at 2001 Biznet developed projects with leading vendors in information security industry and started sales, implementation and technical services for those third party products.

The same year, the ISO9001 quality system was implemented and certified, important information security expertise certificates acquired and Biznet gained notable clients especially in the public sector.

In 2002 Biznet decided to develop its own software products to meet the developing market demand in information security industry and established its own software development team for this purpose.

2003 was the year Biznet undertook its first Information Security Management consultancy project.

In 2004 Biznet started to develop its first software product; that is ISMart. Biznet sells ISMart and also employs it as a consultant. ISMart features are still being enriched based on field experience.

Biznet started penetration testing and vulnerability analysis services in 2005. Since then, Biznet is one of the most remarkable companies in security testing in Turkey and has an important customer base.

The same year the first Identity Management (IDM) project is undertaken. In the following years many successful IDM projects are implemented.

Biznet was designated as “Approved Scanning Vendor” (ASV) by PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standards Council in 2006. This title authorises Biznet to perform security scanning globally.

In 2006 and particularly in 2007 Biznet developed its second own product, “SignArt”; its electronic and mobile signature platform with a very flexible architecture. Signart fully complies with international standards and with Electronic Signature Law in Turkey.

Biznet, completing necessary training and examinations was designated in 2008 as “Qualified Security Assessor” (QSA) by PCI Security Standards Council. This title authorises BizNet to perform PCI compliance auditing and consulting in CEMEA area (Central Europe, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa).

BizNet completed the e-invoice transformation for three out of five companies chosen as pilot companies for e-invoice transformation initiative by Revenue Administration of Turkish Ministry of Finance thanks to the easily adaptable features of Signart’s flexible architecture.

BizNet officially started its Istanbul branch in 2009.

In 2010 Biznet started PCI portal; the automated gateway for merchants and Service Providers for PCI DSS Compliance


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