Job description

Job description

You do not see your future as developer, but you are devoted to IT? Would you like to Evolve(um) yourself in support master? Supporting our customers’ and partners’ issues after providing analysis and diagnostics by yourself is one of the key activities to be successful and responsible to our community.
We are vendor of our own open source product called midPoint and you will be important member of providing professional services to make our customers happy.

As support team member combining technological aspect with pro-customer communication you will receive support directly from your colleagues, developers and engineers, to do diagnosis and provide relevant feedback to customer, or escalate issues on development team to be fixed.

You will have opportunities and work environment where with active approach you could become master in groovy scripting, configuration (like role management, access management) and based on technological expertise providing relevant support feedback. In addition to common daily tasks you would be dealing with expert vendor level issues like performance, security, asynchronous processing and much more. Each task is unique and dealing with different complexity, use cases as well as rare and very interesting tasks.

Education requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree (and higher)
  • IT specialization
  • English skills on B2 level or higher

Personality requirements

Have will to travel, learn about new technologies, be responsible, be flexible and independent. At the end of everything applicant must be a team player with communicative skills.

  • Experience with scripting (Bash, Python, Groovy or something similar)
  • At least 3 years of experience in systems configuration (ideally experience with AD, LDAP, but that is not a strict requirement if there is a will to learn)
  • Willing to travel and self-development
  • Responsibility, flexibility and independency
  • Innovative approach
  • Not afraid to communicate with clients
  • Communicative and team player


You will be part of efficient team where each colleague has his/her own tasks but still have time to help with your challenges. Annoying things such as bureaucracy or meetings are minimized. Exciting things such as combination of communication with customers and helping your colleagues to diagnose issues is maximized. In addition we have program for self-improvement (soft skills as well as hard skills) in place. The work will not be easy, but you will be part of an expert team that can help you to face the challenges. In case of interest we travel to conferences, quite often as speakers. We work hard, but there is also some time for fun and experiments. Members of our team have considerable freedom in their work. We try to eliminate stress by organizing different activities or just grabbing a beer after work.
Have a look at midPoint source code ( We have nothing to hide. Go ahead and join us – if you are up to the challenge and crossing your own limits every day.

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