Object Type Definitions  
Type Description
Complex Type Definitions  
Type Description
MappingType Specialization of abstract mapping for regular data mappings. 
ExtensionType Place for non-standard object properties. 
MetadataMappingType Specialization of abstract mapping for metadata mappings. 
MappingEvaluationTraceType Trace for mapping evaluation operation. 
AbstractMappingType Defines how a value of a property (or attribute) should be constructed. 
MappingSourceEvaluationTraceType Information about mapping source during evaluation. 
MappingStatePropertiesType Mapping state properties after evaluation. 
MappingStatePropertyType Mapping state property. 
BeforeItemConditionType Condition controlling item report creation that is evaluated before the item is processed. 
DeadNodeCleanupPolicyType Cleanup policy for dead nodes. 
ActivityStatisticsType Statistical information for individual activities. 
ActivityItemProcessingStatisticsType Information about item processing in given activity. 
ProcessedItemSetType Describes set of items that are or have been processed. 
QualifiedItemProcessingOutcomeType Item processing outcome plus optional qualification. 
ProcessedItemType Describes an item (typically an object) that is or has been processed. 
ActivityRunRecordType Information about individual activity run. 
ActivitySynchronizationStatisticsType Information about synchronization situations of objects processed by synchronization-related tasks: live sync, import, reconciliation. 
SynchronizationSituationTransitionType Describes how many times given synchronization situation transition has occurred. 
OutcomeKeyedCounterType Counter keyed by a qualified outcome. 
ScriptExecutionObjectType Object(s) on which the script should be executed. 
ObjectSelectorType Selects some objects from all the objects in midPoint. 
LinkTargetObjectSelectorType Selects objects among link targets (for this object). 
LinkSourceObjectSelectorType Selects objects among linked sources (for this object). 
AbstractFileFormatType Supertype of report export types. 
NumericWorkSegmentationType Segmentation strategy that divides the processing space (represented by an interval of numeric values) into a number of work buckets. 
ConnectorConfigurationType Resource configuration (hostname, port, . 
IconType User interface icon specification. 
AssignmentSelectorType Selects some assignments from all the assignments in the object. 
RepositoryGetObjectTraceType Trace for repository getObject operation. 
ObjectTemplateType TODO: update The user template used to create new users. 
TriggerType Defines triggers for an object. 
MetadataType Meta-data about data creation, modification, etc. 
OperationExecutionType Information about an operation executed on an object. 
OperationExecutionRecordRealOwnerType Information about operation execution record real owner. 
LensContextType A serialization of model context, i. 
LensFocusContextType TODO  
LensProjectionContextType TODO  
ShadowDiscriminatorType Shadow discriminator uniquely identifies a projection among other projections linked to the same focus. 
ModelExecuteOptionsType Options for execution of Model operations. 
PartialProcessingOptionsType Options that allows to select only some of the projector/clockwork parts to process. 
ConflictResolutionType How to resolve write-write conflicts on focal objects, i. 
LensContextSequencesType Values of sequences used in the computation. 
LensContextSequenceValueType Value of a sequence used in the computation. 
PolicyExceptionType Recorded exception from a policy rule. 
AssignmentType Generic assignments of one object to another object. 
ConstructionType Projection construction. 
ResourceAttributeDefinitionType Description of the attribute handling details, such as display name, read/write access and value and synchronization expressions. 
ResourceObjectAssociationType Describes how entitlement is associated to the subject (e. 
PersonaConstructionType Persona construction. 
MappingsType Generic set of mappings. 
PolicyRuleType These rules specify compliance and governance constraints. 
PolicyConstraintsType Set of governance, risk management, compliance (GRC) and similar policy constraints that influence the identity model. 
PolicyConstraintPresentationType How should be triggering of this constraint presented, e. 
StatePolicyConstraintType A constraint that triggers when a object or assignment is in a given state. 
HasAssignmentPolicyConstraintType Constraint that triggers when the focus has given assignment(s). 
ExclusionPolicyConstraintType Container that defines exclusion of entities (e. 
OrderConstraintsType TODO  
MultiplicityPolicyConstraintType Constraint on multiplicity of assigned objects. 
ModificationPolicyConstraintType Constraint that triggers the rule on object modification, addition or deletion. 
AssignmentModificationPolicyConstraintType Constraint that triggers the rule when the object is assigned. 
TimeValidityPolicyConstraintType A constraint that triggers when validity of an object, assignment, or basically any time-sensitive item (e. 
PolicySituationPolicyConstraintType Constraint that triggers the rule when the object is in a given policy situation(s). 
CollectionStatsPolicyConstraintType Constraints for collection stats (statistics). 
CollectionSpecificationType Specification of an explicit or implicit object collection, without reference to the collection. 
AlwaysTruePolicyConstraintType This policy constraint always applies. 
OrphanedPolicyConstraintType The object (currently supported are tasks) is orphaned i. 
TransitionPolicyConstraintType Specifies how the inner constraints are to be evaluated with regards to operation start and end state. 
PolicyConstraintReferenceType References another policy constraint. 
PolicyThresholdType Specifies limits when is the action executed. 
WaterMarkType Water mark (bound). 
TimeIntervalType Water mark (bound). 
PolicyActionsType Actions that are executed as reactions to triggered policy rules. 
EnforcementPolicyActionType Enforcement action. 
ApprovalPolicyActionType Approval action. 
WfProcessSpecificationType Specification of a process that is to be started. 
DeltaSourceSpecificationType TODO EXPERIMENTAL  
ApprovalCompositionStrategyType Prescribes how individual approval requirements should be composed into overall approval schema. 
ApprovalSchemaType Rules for approving something (e. 
ApprovalStageDefinitionType One "level" (or stage) in the approval process. 
WorkItemTimedActionsType Actions that should be applied to a work item in given moments (relative to work item creation or work item deadline). 
WorkItemActionsType Actions to execute. 
CompleteWorkItemActionType TODO EXPERIMENTAL  
WorkItemNotificationActionType TODO EXPERIMENTAL  
DelegateWorkItemActionType TODO EXPERIMENTAL  
EscalateWorkItemActionType TODO EXPERIMENTAL  
RemediationPolicyActionType TODO  
PrunePolicyActionType TODO  
CertificationPolicyActionType TODO  
NotificationPolicyActionType TODO  
RecordPolicyActionType TODO  
ScriptExecutionPolicyActionType TODO HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL. 
AsynchronousScriptExecutionType Options for asynchronous script execution. 
SuspendTaskPolicyActionType Stop action. 
ActivationType Type that defines activation properties. 
OtherPrivilegesLimitationType Limitations related to other privileges, like the ability to complete work items. 
WorkItemSelectorType Selects some work items from all the items (perhaps of a given type, like approval work items). 
AssignmentRelationType Specifies what types of assignments can be made to the focal object when it is a target of an assignment. 
IterationSpecificationType Definition of iteration properties for a resource account or other resource objects. 
ObjectTemplateItemDefinitionType TODO Description of the common item handling details, such as display name, read/write access and value and synchronization expressions. 
MetadataHandlingType Defines handling of a metadata items. 
MetadataItemDefinitionType Description of the metadata item handling details, such as (TODO)  
MetadataProcessingApplicabilitySpecificationType In what situations should be this mapping template applied?  
MetadataProcessingItemApplicabilitySpecificationType Selection of items to include/exclude when applying given metadata processing. 
LoggingAuditingConfigurationType Auditing configuration for auditing by using the logging subsystem. 
ExpressionEvaluationTraceType Trace for expression evaluation operation. 
ExpressionSourceEvaluationTraceType Information about mapping source during evaluation. 
JmsProvisioningTargetType JMS asynchronous provisioning target. 
ActivityAutoScalingWorkDefinitionType Work definition for the auto-scaling activity. 
ObjectSetType Specifies a set of repository objects to be processed. 
SelectorQualifiedGetOptionsType Selector-qualified options for a get-like operation. 
SelectorQualifiedGetOptionType TODO  
OptionObjectSelectorType TODO  
GetOperationOptionsType See GetOperationOptions for a description. 
FetchErrorHandlingType How should be errors during object fetch process handled and reported. 
FailedObjectsSelectorType Selects objects that were failed to be processed in previous activity run(s). 
CaseEventType Any event occurring during case lifetime that needs to be recorded, e. 
ObjectTypeSearchItemConfigurationType Configuration for default object type. 
SearchItemType Search item  
SearchFilterParameterType Describes input parameters for the search filter. 
PolicyRuleEnforcerPreviewOutputType TODO EXPERIMENTAL  
NotificationTransportConfigurationType Configuration that is common to all notification transports. 
AuthorizationType Authorization define fine-grained access to midPoint objects and system functionality. 
OwnedObjectSelectorType Selects some objects from all the objects in midPoint. 
OrgRelationObjectSpecificationType Definition of object with respect to subject membership in organizational hierarchy. 
RoleRelationObjectSpecificationType Definition of object with respect to subject relation to a role. 
SubjectedObjectSelectorType Selects some objects from all the objects in midPoint. 
TenantSelectorType Selects an object by comparing tenant information. 
AuthorizationLimitationsType Limitations of this authorization when it is applied to other authorizations. 
AssignmentHolderType Abstract supertype for all object types that can have assignments. 
CsvFileFormatType CSV export type for Report. 
HtmlFileFormatType HTML export type for Report. 
MemoryDiagnosticsConfigurationType Configuration of memory diagnostics features. 
TriggerScanWorkDefinitionType Executes trigger scan on repository objects. 
AbstractReportEngineConfigurationType Abstract type for configuration of reports. 
ProvenanceMetadataType Provenance metadata provide high-level information about origin of the value. 
ProvenanceAcquisitionType Ultimate origin of the data. 
MappingSpecificationType See Axiom. 
DashboardWidgetVariationType Conditional variation in the way how the widget is displayed. 
SmsNonceAuthenticationModuleType SMS (mobile text message) nonce authentication module. 
ResourceObjectTypeDefinitionType Defines a type from the resource schema (object class) that can be used for creating accounts, entitlements and possible other concepts. 
ResourceObjectMultiplicityType TODO  
ShadowTagSpecificationType TODO  
ResourceObjectReferenceType Reference to a resource object. 
ProvenanceFeedDefinitionType Specifies data provenance properties for a particular data feed (source), such as resource. 
ResourceActivationDefinitionType Defines how the mapping of the activation section is handled for the resource. 
ResourceObjectLifecycleDefinitionType Definition of resource object lifecycle handling. 
CapabilityCollectionType Collection of resource capabilities. 
ProjectionPolicyType Specification of the way how projections are handled on the resource. 
SystemConfigurationAuditEventRecordingType Details about creation and recording of audit events. 
SystemConfigurationAuditEventRecordingPropertyType Specifies details how an audit event record property is created. 
PasswordResetNotifierType TODO  
ReconciliationWorkDefinitionType Executes the reconciliation. 
ResourceObjectSetType Specifies a set of resource objects to be processed. 
InformationType TODO Replace by forms eventually TEMPORARY  
StringPrefixWorkBucketContentType Work bucket content defined using string value prefix. 
InternalOperationRecordFastFilterType "Fast filter" that can reject a raw operation result. 
ErrorSituationSelectorType Description of an error condition to act on. 
ActivityCounterType A single counter. 
ProvisioningStatisticsEntryType Statistical information on operations executed on a specified resource, dealing with given object class. 
ActivityTailoringType TODO  
ActivityControlFlowDefinitionTailoringType TODO  
ActivityErrorHandlingStrategyType Specifies a strategy for handling errors during iterative activities. 
ActivityErrorHandlingStrategyEntryType Specifies a reaction when a given error during activity execution occurs. 
ErrorReactionType What should a task do when an error of given type is encountered? Only some combinations of values are allowed: ignore (+ stopAfter), retryLater (+ stopAfter), stop. 
IgnoreErrorReactionType Error should be ignored and the processing should continue. 
StopProcessingReactionType The processing should be stopped. 
RetryLaterReactionType Processing of the specified account should be retried later. 
ActivityDistributionDefinitionTailoringType TODO  
BucketsDefinitionType Defines how buckets should be created. 
StringWorkSegmentationType Segmentation strategy that divides the processing space (represented by a set of string values) into a number of work buckets; either based on intervals, prefixes or exact value matching. 
BoundarySpecificationType Specification of how string-based segments are delineated. 
OidWorkSegmentationType Segmentation strategy that divides the processing space into a number of buckets based on OID values. 
ExplicitWorkSegmentationType Segmentation strategy that explicitly enumerates the buckets. 
ImplicitWorkSegmentationType A segmentation strategy that is interpreted by the specific activity run. 
AbstractWorkSegmentationType Describes how to segment the work into buckets and manage them. 
WorkAllocationDefinitionType Parameters related to buckets allocation process. 
BucketsSamplingDefinitionType Defines the sampling of buckets. 
RegularBucketsSamplingDefinitionType Sampling using regular distribution of samples. 
RandomBucketsSamplingDefinitionType Sampling using random distribution of samples. 
WorkersDefinitionType How to create and manage worker tasks. 
WorkersPerNodeDefinitionType How to create worker tasks per node. 
ActivitySubtaskDefinitionType How the part is realized via subtask. 
TaskExecutionEnvironmentType Specification of the environment in which the task should execute. 
AutoScalingDefinitionType Defines how auto-scaling should be carried out. 
ActivityReportingDefinitionType How should the task report its various aspects?  
ActivityLoggingOptionsType Controls logging aspects of an activity execution. 
ActivityTracingDefinitionType Definition for tracing execution of an iterative activity. 
AfterItemConditionType Condition controlling item report collection that is evaluated after the item is processed. 
TracingProfileType Describes how the tracing is to be done. 
OperationMonitoringType What monitored operations to trace. 
LoggingOverrideType Information how to override logging configuration. 
ClassLoggerLevelOverrideType Information how to override logging level for specified logger(s). 
TracingTypeProfileType Describes how the tracing of specific type is to be done. 
ActivityReportsDefinitionType Defines specific activity-related reports. 
BucketsProcessingReportDefinitionType Defines report on buckets processing. 
ItemsProcessingReportDefinitionType Defines report on items processing. 
ConnIdOperationsReportDefinitionType Defines report on ConnId operations. 
InternalOperationsReportDefinitionType Defines report on internal operations. 
ActivityItemCountingDefinitionType How should the activity deal with item counting, i. 
ActivityStateOverviewMaintenanceDefinitionType Parameters related to the maintenance of activity tree state overview. 
StringLimitType Definition of valid single string limitation  
SearchBoxConfigurationType Configuration of the search box (the set of input fields that control definition of search query). 
ScopeSearchItemConfigurationType Configuration for scope search item. 
RelationSearchItemConfigurationType Configuration for relation search item. 
IndirectSearchItemConfigurationType Configuration for indirect search item. 
UserInterfaceFeatureType Defines properties of a specific user interface feature (e. 
SearchItemsType The list of the search properties to be configured for the search panel. 
StringIntervalWorkBucketContentType Work bucket content defined as interval of string values. 
NotificationMessageType XML version of Message (in notifications module). 
LinkTypeDefinitionsType Definitions of link types for objects having this archetype. 
LinkTypeDefinitionType Definitions of a link type. 
LinkedObjectSelectorType Selects objects among linked ones (for this object). 
GuiObjectDetailsSetType Specifies the set of default forms that are used for displaying and editing of objects, such as User, Role, Org, . 
GuiObjectDetailsPageType Specifies form that are used for displaying and editing of specific object type  
SummaryPanelSpecificationType Specifies the look and feel of the summary panel. 
GuiFlexibleLabelType Flexible configurable label. 
ObjectFormType Specifies form that are used for displaying and editing of specific object type  
FormSpecificationType Specifies a form using several different methods, e. 
VirtualContainersSpecificationType Used to specify "virtual" containers for displaying details page in GUI. 
VirtualContainerItemSpecificationType Item specification to display in container  
ContainerPanelConfigurationType Definition for the panel which will be used on details panel. 
GuiObjectListViewType Specifies the page used to list specific object type or object collection. 
GuiObjectColumnType Configuration of the object list column. 
DirectionElementsType Specific elements for export/import. 
CollectionRefSpecificationType Specification of an explicit or implicit object collection (including reference to the collection). 
GuiActionType Actions are special things that can be done with particular object or list of objects. 
GuiObjectListViewAdditionalPanelsType Configuration of additional panels that can be present in some view types. 
GuiObjectListPanelConfigurationType Specifies the configuration of a generic table listing various things (usually objects). 
GuiShadowDetailsPageType Specifies form that are used for displaying and editing of specific object type EXPERIMENTAL. 
RepositoryGetTraceType TEMPORARY - REMOVE  
ResourceObjectConstructionEvaluationTraceType Trace for evaluation resource object construction. 
HttpSecQAuthenticationModuleType Definition of HTTP SecQ module. 
PopulateType TODO  
NullWorkBucketContentType "Null" work bucket content: does not restrict the query in any way. 
ExpressionEvaluatorProfileType Specifies restrictions for execution of specific expression evaluators. 
ScriptExpressionProfileType Specifies restrictions for execution of script expressions. 
TimedActionTimeSpecificationType TODO EXPERIMENTAL By default (when the base is not specified), positive time intervals are meant "after work item start". 
SingleOperationPerformanceInformationType Information about single method performance. 
ConfigurableUserDashboardType Defines properties of a specific dashboard widget. 
HttpBasicAuthenticationModuleType Definition of HTTP BASIC authentication module (RFC 7617). 
SequentialValueExpressionEvaluatorType Get a sequential value from a named sequence. 
AsyncProvisioningOperationRequestedType JAXB version of OperationRequested class. 
ActivityAutoScalingWorkStateType Work state for the auto scaling activity. 
ClusterStateType State of the cluster for the purposes of auto-scaling. 
SingleCacheStateInformationType Report on the cache state. 
ComponentSizeInformationType Report on structured object size. 
ApprovalContextType Describes the approval context, i. 
ActivitiesTailoringType Tailors the work specification by adding activity or activities before or after existing ones, or by changing specification (execution mode, flow of control, distribution) of existing activities. 
EmptyType Type that contains nothing. 
ExpressionParameterType Describes input parameters to the expression. 
ShadowAssociationType TODO  
ShadowIdentifiersType TODO  
CharacterClassType Definition of valid characters in class. 
NumericIntervalWorkBucketContentType Work bucket content defined as a interval of numeric values of discriminator item. 
ObjectCollectionsUseType Specifies a set of object collections ("views") to be displayed (used) at a specific location in the system. 
EventHandlerType An event handler. 
OperationsPerformanceInformationType Information about methods performance. 
AssignmentConstraintsType Specifies constraints on assignments that are placed in the same focus. 
FormItemValidationType Validation rules for the item. 
SynchronizationType Defines a synchronization properties (configuration) for a resource. 
ObjectSynchronizationSorterType Defines a synchronization properties (configuration) for a resource. 
SingleLocalizableMessageType A message that is to be localized into specified language. 
AsyncProvisioningModifyOperationRequestedType JAXB version of OperationRequested. 
PropertyModificationOperationType JAXB version of PropertyModificationOperation class. 
SystemConfigurationAuditType Specifies details regarding creation and recording of audit events. 
ObjectIntegrityCheckWorkDefinitionType Definition for object integrity check activity. 
ApprovalProcessStartInstructionCreationTraceType Trace for operation(s) that create approval process start instruction(s). 
PerformerCommentsFormattingType Instructions how to format approvers/reviewers comments before storing them into metadata. 
ProjectionMergeConfigurationType TODO  
DistributedReportExportWorkDefinitionType Definition for a distributed report export activity. 
VirtualAssignmentSpecificationType There are cases when you need to force midpoint thinks that user has assigned some role. 
AsyncUpdateSourcesType Sources of asynchronous updates. 
TaskType TaskType contains information about a task (either transient or persistent). 
OperationStatsType Operation execution statistics/state. 
TaskExecutionConstraintsType Constraints on task execution, e. 
TaskExecutionGroupConstraintType TODO  
ScheduleType Task schedule. 
TaskAutoScalingType Auto-scaling configuration for the task. 
ActivityDefinitionType Describes an activity, i. 
WorkDefinitionsType Definition of the work that has to be done within an activity. 
RecomputationWorkDefinitionType Recomputes specified objects. 
ImportWorkDefinitionType Definition for an import activity. 
AsyncUpdateWorkDefinitionType Executes the asynchronous update from a resource. 
LiveSyncWorkDefinitionType Definition for a live sync activity. 
CleanupWorkDefinitionType Definition for a cleanup activity. 
CleanupPoliciesType Configuration of cleanup intervals and policies for various midPoint subsystems. 
CleanupPolicyType Configuration of cleanup intervals and policies for a specific subsystem or feature. 
DeletionWorkDefinitionType Deletes specified objects. 
ClassicReportExportWorkDefinitionType Definition for a classic report export activity. 
ClassicReportImportWorkDefinitionType Definition for a classic report import activity. 
IterativeScriptingWorkDefinitionType Executes a script (a. 
NonIterativeScriptingWorkDefinitionType Executes a script (a. 
FocusValidityScanWorkDefinitionType Executes validity scan on focal objects. 
ShadowRefreshWorkDefinitionType Looks for pending operations in shadows and updates their status. 
IterativeChangeExecutionWorkDefinitionType Executes specified changes on specified objects. 
NonIterativeChangeExecutionWorkDefinitionType Executes specified changes. 
ReindexingWorkDefinitionType Re-indexes specified repository objects. 
ShadowCleanupWorkDefinitionType Deletes all shadows that have not been updated for given time. 
ShadowIntegrityCheckWorkDefinitionType Definition for shadow integrity check activity. 
NoOpWorkDefinitionType Work definition for a no-op activity. 
PropagationWorkDefinitionType Work definition for the propagation activity. 
MultiPropagationWorkDefinitionType Work definition for the multi-propagation activity. 
ActivityCompositionType TODO  
ActivityControlFlowDefinitionType Defines the features related to the flow of control within an activity (simple or composite). 
ActivityDistributionDefinitionType Describes how we are going to distribute the work that is to be done: how to divide it into work buckets, and how to distribute these buckets to worker tasks. 
TaskActivityStateType Describes the state of the activity or activities embedded in the task (and its subtasks - in the case of a root task). 
ActivityStateType Describes the state of an activity. 
ActivityProgressType Progress of an activity. 
ActivityBucketingStateType Information about the bucket processing within an activity. 
WorkBucketType Description of a state and content of a work bucket. 
ActivityCounterGroupsType Counters related to the execution of the activity, grouped into related categories. 
ActivityCounterGroupType A group of related counters. 
ActivityReportsType Reports related to activity execution. 
ActivityReportCollectionType A collection of related report data objects. 
AbstractActivityWorkStateType Supertype for all activity state types. 
ActivityTreeStateType Describes the state of an activity tree. 
AccessCertificationDefinitionType Access certification definition. 
AccessCertificationScopeType Specifies the scope of an access certification campaign. 
AccessCertificationRemediationDefinitionType TODO  
AccessCertificationReiterationDefinitionType TODO  
AccessCertificationStageDefinitionType Definition of an access certification campaign stage. 
AccessCertificationReviewerSpecificationType Specifies how to select reviewers for a campaign stage. 
WorkItemDelegationRequestType A request to delegate work item - analogous to AbstractWorkItemOutputType. 
Saml2ProviderAuthenticationModuleType SAML2 provider. 
Saml2ProviderMetadataAuthenticationModuleType SAML2 provider metadata. 
TraceSelectorType Selects an operation trace. 
AsyncProvisioningTargetsType Connection to asynchronous provisioning targets. 
ProvisioningScriptType Specifies a script to be executed during provisioning. 
ScriptExpressionEvaluatorType Generic script expression. 
ObjectCollectionUseType Specifies how a specific collection ("view") is to be displayed (used) at a specific location in the system. 
LdapSearchAuthenticationModuleType Search configuration which uses an Ldap filter to locate the user  
GuiObjectListViewsType Specifies the set of pages that are used for displaying lists of objects such as Users, Roles, Orgs, . 
GuiShadowListViewType List pages for shadows. 
AnyValueType Any value (property, reference, container). 
ArchetypePolicyType Definition of archetype policies, such as object template, lifecycle, type display properties and so on. 
ItemConstraintType Definition of a property constraints. 
LifecycleStateModelType Specification of lifecycle states and state transitions. 
LifecycleStateType Specification of lifecycle state. 
LifecycleStateActionType TODO EXPERIMENTAL  
LifecycleStateActionDataReductionType Action that reduces (purges) object data. 
LifecycleStateTransitionType Specification of lifecycle state transition. 
ApplicablePoliciesType Specification of policies that are applicable to this object type. 
ArchetypeAdminGuiConfigurationType Definition of GUI-related configuration for the archetyped objects. 
AccessCertificationCaseType An item that has to be certified, viewed in the scope of a given certification campaign. 
AccessCertificationWorkItemType A work item for a certification case. 
AbstractWorkItemOutputType TODO  
Amqp091SourceType AMQP client configuration  
AuthenticationSequenceChannelType Channel specification for authentication sequence. 
ApprovalStageExecutionPreviewType Preview of an execution of an approval stage. 
SimplePolicyRuleNotifierType TODO  
ImportOptionsType The options for import tasks. 
AccessCertificationStageType Information about a stage of a campaign. 
AutoassignSpecificationType Specification of role auto-assignment properties. 
FocalAutoassignSpecificationType Specification of role auto-assignment properties. 
ActivityActionsExecutedType Shows what actions were executed. 
CollectionStatsType Stats (statistics) setting and entries. 
IntegerStatType Integer stat (statistic) entry. 
TraceVisualizationInstructionsType How to visualize trace file. 
TraceVisualizationInstructionType How to visualize trace file. 
TraceVisualizationType How a traced operation is to be visualized. 
TraceVisualizationColumnsType What columns to visualize? Volatile - will be changed soon. 
TraceDataFlowVisualizationInstructionType Specification of the data flow(s) to be visualized. 
ShadowType Local copy of any object on the provisioning resource that is related to provisioning. 
PendingOperationType Description of an operation that is pending (in progress) or that was recently completed. 
ShadowAttributesType Attribute values from the resource. 
CredentialsType This is a container type for various credentials types: passwords, public keys, one-time password scheme identifiers, etc. 
PasswordHistoryEntryType Contains a single entry of the password history. 
SecurityQuestionAnswerType Answer to the security question. 
MonitoredOperationStatisticsType Information about selected monitored operation. 
MappingsStatisticsType TODO  
ConnIdOperationRecordType Information about a ConnId operation. 
WorkItemEventType Process event related to a specific work item. 
MailResetPolicyType Structure that specifies policy for password management. 
HookType TODO  
MailAuthenticationPolicyType Structure that specifies policy for password management. 
NotificationConfigurationType A configuration for user notifications. 
ItemRefinedDefinitionType Description of the common item handling details, such as display name, read/write access and value and synchronization expressions. 
AbstractReportWorkDefinitionType Definition for report-related activities. 
AccessCertificationAssignmentReviewScopeType Scope for assignment-related reviews. 
ReportBehaviorType Behavior for report. 
NotificationsStatisticsType TODO  
GenerateExpressionEvaluatorType Generate value according to a policy that is associated with the property/attribute. 
LdapAuthenticationModuleType LDAP authentication module supports authentication via LDAP server. 
TimeValidityNotifierType TODO  
AbstractFormItemType Abstract supertype for all form items. 
ProjectorComponentTraceType Trace for Projector component operation. 
ObjectTreeDeltasType Container for ChangesRequested (focus primary delta and/or projection primary deltas). 
AuthenticationSequenceModuleType Specification of authentication module in the sequence. 
AbstractCredentialAuthenticationModuleType Common definition for all authentication modules that use password. 
LensObjectDeltaOperationType TODO  
ResourceItemDefinitionType Description of the common item handling details, such as display name, read/write access and value and synchronization expressions. 
WorkItemCompletionEventType Event describing the work item completion. 
SimpleCaseManagementNotifierType TODO  
ModuleSaml2KeyStoreKeyType SAML2 simple key. 
AssociationFromLinkExpressionEvaluatorType Definition of an expression that creates association from links (linkRefs)  
ExpressionPermissionMethodProfileType Specifies restrictions and permissions for a specific method. 
RegistrationsPolicyType TODO  
SelfRegistrationPolicyType Structure that specifies policy for password management. 
ResourceObjectShadowChangeDescriptionType Description of the change in the external resource. 
ModelHooksType TODO  
ProportionalExpressionEvaluatorType Expression gets IntegerStatType as an input, IntegerStatType is derived from collection. 
PrismConfigurationType Prism specific configuration, mainly for performance optimizations and tunning  
AnyDataAsyncUpdateMessageType Async update carrying any data. 
ActivityBeforeType TODO  
ValidationResultType TODO  
ValidationIssueType TODO  
SubSystemLoggerConfigurationType Configuration of the logger: the facility that collects log messages from subsystem code. 
MappingTransformationType Informs that the value was provided by a mapping (and how exactly). 
CredentialsPolicyType Credentials management policy. 
CredentialPolicyType Structure that specifies common elements to all the credential policies. 
CredentialsStorageMethodType Specifies the method of storing the credential in midPoint. 
CredentialsResetMethodType Specifies the method of resetting the credential. 
PasswordCredentialsPolicyType Structure that specifies policy for password management. 
SecurityQuestionsCredentialsPolicyType Structure that specifies policy for security questions. 
SecurityQuestionDefinitionType Definition of a single security question. 
NonceCredentialsPolicyType Structure that specifies policy for nonce management. 
StringValueWorkBucketContentType Work bucket content defined using string value. 
CachingPolicyType Definition of object attribute caching policies. 
SynchronizationSituationDescriptionType Complex description of a synchronization situation. 
FormFieldGroupType A group of fields. 
ModuleSaml2SimpleKeyType SAML2 key from key store. 
OperationProvisioningScriptType Specifies how and when a script is executed during provisioning. 
TraceDictionaryType Object dictionary. 
TraceDictionaryEntryType One object. 
FormType Form definition. 
JmsTextMessageType Representation of JMS text message. 
RepositoryModifyTraceType Trace for repository MODIFY operation. 
ClassLoggerConfigurationType Configuration of the logger: the facility that collects log messages from the code. 
AccountPasswordNotifierType TODO  
ActivityBucketManagementStatisticsType Information about bucket management operations performance within an activity. 
DashboardWidgetDataType Specifies widget data source. 
DataProtectionType Container which specify legal content for the role related to the GDPR. 
SchemaAttachedPolicyRuleType TODO Note that the rule should be triggered. 
JmsMessageType Representation of JMS message. 
TracingConfigurationType Tracing configuration, including profiles to be selected from. 
WorkItemResultType Overall output from a work item: outcome (approve/reject/. 
RelationDefinitionType Definition of a single (custom) relation. 
CachingConfigurationType Profiles for various kind of caching. 
CachingProfileType Specific caching profile that can be used system-wide or for individual threads. 
ModelCompareOptionsType EXPERIMENTAL. 
ConnectorType Description of a generic connector. 
XmlSchemaType This element contains the XSD-formatted definition of schema. 
AsyncProvisioningTargetType Connection to asynchronous provisioning target. 
ItemConsolidationTraceType Trace for item consolidation. 
AccessCertificationObjectBasedScopeType The most common way of specifying scope - providing type+search filter to select "base" objects and then some means of deriving certification cases from them. 
CachesPerformanceInformationType Information about performance of various caches present in midPoint. 
SmsAuthenticationPolicyType Structure that specifies policy for password management. 
ExpressionProfileType Specifies restrictions for execution of expressions and scripts. 
LookupTableRowType Data structure that represents entire content of the lookup table, organized into table rows. 
ActivityTaskStateOverviewType State of the local activity run in an individual task. 
RepositoryGetVersionTraceType Trace for repository getVersion operation. 
RepositoryPerformanceInformationType Information about repository performance. 
CacheInvalidationConfigurationType How is the cache invalidated? Currently applicable only to global repo cache objects. 
TracingOutputType Output of the tracing. 
TracingOutputMetadataType Metadata e. 
TracingEnvironmentType Description of the environment where the trace was captured. 
DeploymentInformationType Information about midPoint deployment: subscription information, deployment name, description, color and so on. 
Amqp091MessageAttributesType Representation of AMQP 0-9-1 message attributes. 
FullShadowLoadedTraceType Information about full shadow being loaded. 
RichHyperlinkType Hyperlink with a label, menu and other data that control a rich presentation of the link. 
FullTextSearchConfigurationType Configuration of the full text search feature. 
FullTextSearchIndexedItemsConfigurationType What items to index. 
MergeConfigurationType Configuration that specifies automatic merging of two objects. 
ItemRefMergeConfigurationType TODO  
ItemMergeConfigurationType TODO  
ConnectorInstanceSpecificationType Complete specification of a connector instance with configuration and capabilities. 
CapabilitiesType Collection of resource capabilities. 
SecurityQuestionsResetPolicyType Structure that specifies policy for password management. 
AccessCertificationCampaignType Definition of an access certification campaign. 
SearchObjectExpressionEvaluatorType Create an expression based on search results. 
TaskExecutionLimitationsType Limitations for execution of tasks on a given node. 
ManagerSearchType TODO  
RepositoryOperationPerformanceInformationType Information about single repository operation kind (e. 
RoleManagementConfigurationType A configuration for role management: role catalog, role assignments, etc. 
RelationsDefinitionType Definition of (custom) relations. 
ReportDataType Reports outputs. 
MappingsStatisticsEntryType TODO  
NodeType Node describes a single installation of midPoint. 
BuildInformationType TODO  
ReferenceSearchExpressionEvaluatorType Create an expression that provides a reference based on search results. 
SystemConfigurationType System configuration object. 
LoggingConfigurationType Configuration of logging levels, categories, log files, etc. 
AppenderConfigurationType Configuration of the logger: the facility that collects log messages from the code. 
AdvancedLoggingConfigurationType Contains free form logging configuration. 
ObjectPolicyConfigurationType Definition of policy for a specific object type. 
WfConfigurationType Configuration for workflows - for those parts not stored in the system config file. 
WfExecutionTasksConfigurationType Configuration related to tasks in which model operations are executed. 
WfExecutionTasksSerializationType Whether and how to serialize execution tasks (if "execute after all approvals" is set to false). 
PrimaryChangeProcessorConfigurationType Configuration for PrimaryChangeProcessor. 
PcpAspectConfigurationType Configuration for a primary change processor aspect. 
GeneralChangeProcessorConfigurationType Configuration for GeneralChangeProcessor. 
AccessCertificationConfigurationType Configuration for access certification. 
GlobalPolicyRuleType Policy rule for use in global configuration. 
ProvidedServiceConfigurationType Configuration of a service provided by midPoint. 
ProfilingConfigurationType A configuration for profiling features of midPoint. 
InternalsConfigurationType Various internals configuration elements. 
OperationResultHandlingStrategyType Strategy for operation result aggregation. 
RepositoryConfigurationType Configuring various aspects of the repository - in addition to those that are configured statically using config. 
RepositoryStatisticsReportingConfigurationType How repository statistics are collected and reported. 
ConstraintsCheckingStrategyType How constraints checking (for focus and projections) should be done. 
SynchronizationSituationUpdatingStrategyType How synchronization situation in shadows should be updated. 
MetadataRecordingStrategyType How object metadata should be recorded or updated. 
OperationExecutionRecordingStrategyType How operationExecution records should be updated. 
AdminGuiConfigurationType Administration GUI configuration. 
ObjectFormsType Specifies the set of forms that are used for displaying and editing of objects, such as User, Role, Org, . 
DashboardLayoutType Specifies layout of a dashboard, such as the user dashboard (home screen) or administration dashboard. 
DashboardWidgetType Defines properties of a specific dashboard widget. 
DashboardWidgetPresentationType Specifies widget presentation properties. 
DashboardWidgetDataFieldType Properties of a specific widget data field. 
GuiExportSettingsType Specifies the settings for GUI object export. 
AdminGuiConfigurationRoleManagementType Role management features that are potentially user-specific i. 
AdminGuiApprovalsConfigurationType Configuration related to approvals GUI. 
AdminGuiConfigurationDisplayFormatsType Default display formats for various UI elements. 
InfrastructureConfigurationType Technical (infrastructure) configuration of midPoint deployment. 
SystemConfigurationExpressionsType Specifies profile for expression evaluations, execution, restrictions, etc. 
ExpressionPermissionProfileType Specifies restrictions and permissions for various evaluators, especially for scripting expressions. 
ExpressionPermissionPackageProfileType Specifies restrictions and permissions for a package. 
ExpressionPermissionClassProfileType Specifies restrictions and permissions for a specific class. 
CachesStateInformationType Report on the state of midPoint caches. 
SimpleReviewerNotifierType TODO  
FormAuthorizationType Setting that influence how authorizations are used to display and evaluate the form. 
AsyncUpdateMessageType Representation of an async update message. 
ConditionalSearchFilterType A filter with an expression that denotes a necessary condition for the filter to be applied. 
AuthenticationBehavioralDataType Behavioral data about past authentications. 
AccessCertificationCasesStatisticsType Statistics give a set of access certification cases. 
SchemaHandlingType Specification of handling details for resource schema. 
AbstractAuthenticationPolicyType Authentication management policy. 
SecurityPolicyType Object that contains definitions of overall security policy. 
AuthenticationsPolicyType Definition of the use of authentication mechanisms. 
AuthenticationModulesType Definition of authentication modules that midPoint is aware about. 
LoginFormAuthenticationModuleType Definition of "login form" module. 
HttpHeaderAuthenticationModuleType Pseudo-authentication for pre-authenticated users. 
Saml2AuthenticationModuleType SAML2 authentication module support authentication via Identity provider with SAML2. 
Saml2NetworkAuthenticationModuleType SAML2 authentication module, network configuration. 
Saml2ServiceProviderAuthenticationModuleType SAML2 authentication module, service provider configuration. 
Saml2KeyAuthenticationModuleType SAML2 key. 
OidcAuthenticationModuleType OpenId Connect authentication module. 
MailNonceAuthenticationModuleType Mail nonce authentication module. 
SecurityQuestionsFormAuthenticationModuleType Definition of "security questions form" module. 
AuthenticationSequenceType Authentication sequence. 
CredentialsResetPolicyType Credentials reset management policy. 
CredentialSourceType Source of a new credential value. 
UserEntryCredentialSourceType Specifies the details of a new credential entered manually by a user. 
SmsResetPolicyType Structure that specifies policy for password management. 
AsyncProvisioningDeleteOperationRequestedType JAXB version of OperationRequested. 
AbstractLoggerConfigurationType Configuration of the logger: the facility that collects log messages from the code. 
LensElementContextType TODO  
CustomTransportConfigurationType TODO  
LocalizableMessageListType List of localizable messages, to be presented as a single message. 
ObjectCollectionType Object collection specification. 
UnknownJavaObjectType Type used to represent Java objects that are otherwise unknown to the system and cannot be represented in "canonical" XML form. 
ConstExpressionEvaluatorType TODO  
CachingMetadataType Metadata that record when a cache copy was retrieved, the identifiers (etags) of that copy and possibly also other data. 
ProjectionObjectDeltaType TODO  
AssociationAdditionType Container for association-to-be-added in the context: resource shadow discriminator. 
ObjectActionsExecutedEntryType Actions executed on a given object type, with given operation (change type) and via given channel. 
StringFilterType TODO  
AsIsExpressionEvaluatorType Copy value as is, without any modification. 
SimpleCampaignNotifierType TODO  
AbstractAuthenticationModuleType Common supertype for all authentication module definitions. 
SingleCachePerformanceInformationType Information about performance of a given (single) cache. 
AbstractRegistrationPolicyType TODO  
OperationResultType TODO  
TraceType Root type for tracing information that is embedded in OperationResult objects. 
ItemsProgressOverviewType Information on items processing (for activity state overview). 
ClockworkTraceType Abstract trace for clockwork events. 
AccountActivationNotifierType TODO  
ReportType Specification of midPoint report. 
DashboardReportEngineConfigurationType Configuration of dashboard-based reports. 
ObjectCollectionReportEngineConfigurationType Configuration of object collection-based reports. 
SubreportParameterType Subreport with expression. 
FileFormatConfigurationType Export configuration. 
ParameterType Describes input parameters. 
ObjectSynchronizationType Defines a synchronization properties (configuration) for a specific type of object, e. 
ValueTransformationTraceType Trace for transformation of a tuple of values. 
OrgType Organizational unit, division, section, object group, team, project or any other form of organizing things and/or people. 
BehaviorType General-purpose behavioral data. 
ActivityPathType Path from the root of the activity tree to the specified activity. 
ScanWorkStateType Work state for scanning activities (validity scanner, trigger scanner, shadow refresher). 
ObjectSynchronizationDiscriminatorType Defines a synchronization properties (configuration) for a resource. 
GenericObjectType Generic object for storing unknown (unexpected) object types. 
VariableBindingDefinitionType Definition of variable which is bound to the property. 
ObjectReferenceType Reference to an object. 
TransformExpressionEvaluatorType TODO  
AbstractConstructionType Abstract supertype for constructions. 
ExpressionType TODO  
ConnectorHostType Host definition for remote connector, remote connector framework or a remote "gateway". 
PureCompositeWorkStateType Work state for a pure composite activity. 
ShadowDiscriminatorExpressionEvaluatorType Expression based on selecting a specific projection. 
CaseCreationEventType Event describing the creation of a workflow process instance. 
ReportConfigurationType Report configuration based on report configuration schema. 
AssignmentSegmentEvaluationTraceType Trace for assignment evaluation operation. 
OperationalStateType Structure containing metadata about operational state of the resource. 
MappingEvaluationResponseType TODO . 
NotificationsStatisticsEntryType TODO  
SmsGatewayConfigurationType Configuration of a particular SMS gateway. 
LiveSyncWorkStateType State of the live sync activity. 
SchemaGenerationConstraintsType TODO  
ArchetypeType Archetype definition. 
ModelExecuteDeltaTraceType Trace for model's delta execution. 
AbstractSourceEvaluationTraceType Information about mapping or expression source during evaluation. 
LocalizableMessageArgumentType Argument that is to be used for localized message parameter. 
FunctionLibraryType Define reusable functions  
Amqp091MessageType Representation AMQP 0-9-1 message. 
LocalizableMessageType A message that is to be localized into specified language. 
SmsConfigurationType Where and how to send SMS notifications (or any other SMS). 
DiagnosticInformationType A diagnostic information attached to an object. 
ApprovalSchemaExecutionInformationType Information on actual or expected execution of an approval schema. 
ApprovalStageExecutionInformationType Information of an actual or expected execution of an approval stage. 
ApprovalStageExecutionRecordType Record of an actual execution of an approval stage. 
CaseWorkItemType A work item for a (generic) case. 
SchedulerInformationType Describes the state of the (local) scheduler. 
SimpleReportNotifierType TODO  
LookupTableType An object that represents lookup table. 
GenericPcpAspectConfigurationType A generic configuration for a wf aspect. 
CacheObjectTypeSettingsType Settings for a given cache and object type(s). 
CacheStatisticsReportingConfigurationType How cache statistics are collected and reported. 
AbstractWorkItemType Common superclass for workflow (approval) work item, certification work item and case management work item. 
AdministrativeOperationalStateType Structure containing metadata about administrative operational state of the resource. 
CacheSettingsType Settings for a given cache. 
ActivityAfterType TODO  
WfGeneralChangeProcessorStateType DEPRECATED We need to decide what to do with this. 
ItemRelatedRecordType Columns common to all specific item-related reports (like ConnId operations, internal operations, etc). 
ProjectorRunTraceType Trace for Projector. 
ValueMetadataType The value metadata. 
FocusType Abstract supertype for all object types that can be focus of full midPoint computation. 
ObjectDeltaWaveType TODO  
ValueTransformationExpressionEvaluationTraceType Trace for expression evaluation operation in AbstractValueTransformationExpressionEvaluator. 
AbstractModuleSaml2KeyType Abstract SAML2 key. 
FilterWorkBucketContentType Work bucket content defined explicitly by a filter. 
RepositoryAddTraceType Trace for repository ADD operation. 
ErrorSelectorType Selects error categories, e. 
RepositorySearchObjectsTraceType Trace for repository searchObjects/searchObjectsIterative operation. 
MailServerConfigurationType Configuration of a particular mail server host. 
LimitationsType Definition of complexity and string policy  
ConfirmationNotifierType TODO  
UserPasswordNotifierType TODO  
FormDefinitionType This part defines the actual form presentation and layout. 
WorkItemEscalationLevelType Description of an escalation level the processing is at. 
ResourceObjectPatternType Resource object pattern. 
LogSegmentType Segment of the logfile. 
TaskGroupExecutionLimitationType Limitations for execution of a task group on a given node. 
ResourceConsistencyType Configuration of consistency mechanisms. 
FunctionExpressionEvaluatorType Evaluates custom defined functions from Function Library  
RepositoryOperationTraceType Trace for repository operation. 
ScriptEvaluationTraceType Trace for script evaluation operation. 
ScriptVariableEvaluationTraceType Information about script variable during evaluation. 
AbstractAccessCertificationDefinitionType Definition of an access certification - a template for a set of access certification campaigns. 
AbstractObjectTypeConfigurationType Abstract supertype for all data types that specify configuration properties for a specific object type (User, Role, Org, Resource, . 
WorkersReconciliationResultType Result of the workers reconciliation process. 
ObjectType Common supertype for all identity objects. 
CheckExpressionType Expression used to check the data and report a user-friendly message in case that the check fails. 
ValueSetDefinitionType Definition of value set. 
PropertyLimitationsType TODO  
ManualProvisioningContextType Describes the context of the manual provisioning request that is represented by a case. 
DelegationWorkStateType State for a delegation (delegating) activity run. 
ProvisioningStatisticsType Statistical information on operations executed on resources. 
ArtemisProvisioningTargetType ActiveMQ Artemis target. 
CaseCompletionEventType Event describing the completion of a workflow process instance. 
PolicyActionType Common supertype for policy actions. 
ReportExportWorkStateType State of the report export activity. 
AbstractActivityReportDefinitionType Common parts of definitions of activity-related reports. 
CommandLineScriptType Specifies a command to be executed on an operating system command-line. 
ActivityStateOverviewType Describes an overview of the state of an activity. 
InternalOperationRecordType Information about a midPoint internal operation. 
NamedValueType Any value (property, reference, container) along with its name. 
AbstractPasswordAuthenticationModuleType Common definition for all authentication modules that use password. 
RegistrationConfirmationNotifierType TODO  
AbstractCredentialsResetPolicyType Authentication management policy. 
InformationPartType TODO Replace by forms eventually. 
BucketProgressOverviewType Information on buckets processing (for activity state overview). 
ActivityBeforeAfterType TODO  
SimpleCampaignStageNotifierType TODO  
ItemProcessingRecordType Information about item processing to be recorded in items report. 
ClockworkRunTraceType Trace for Clockwork. 
SimpleUserNotifierType TODO  
PolicyConstraintEvaluationTraceType Trace for policy constraint evaluation operation. 
AbstractPolicyConstraintType Basic data structure for all policy constraints. 
SimpleWorkflowNotifierType TODO  
MonitoredOperationsStatisticsType Information about selected monitored operations. 
CustomAsyncUpdateSourceType Custom message source provided by a Java class. 
SimpleTaskNotifierType TODO  
ExpressionVariableDefinitionType Definition of a variable. 
AbstractRoleType Abstract class that contains the "essence" of a role. 
DashboardType Configuration Dasboard dashboard showing in GUI. 
UserType User object represents a physical user of the system. 
ItemReportingConditionType Condition controlling item report creation or collection that is evaluated before or after item is processed. 
JmsSourceType JMS client configuration  
GeneralChangeProcessorScenarioType A scenario for GeneralChangeProcessor. 
ProvisioningOperationTraceType Trace for provisioning operation. 
FileConfigurationType Where and how to store "file" notifications. 
EnvironmentalPerformanceInformationType Statistics related to performance and state of external environment, namely provisioning via connectors, mappings (as these might contain code that invokes external systems), and notifications. 
FormItemServerValidationType Server-side validation rules. 
ResourceType Resource represents a system or component external to the IDM system which we manage. 
ResourceBusinessConfigurationType Configuration of resource "business" aspects such as workflow parameters, notifications, approvers, owners, etc. 
AbstractSecurityQuestionsAuthenticationModuleType Common definition for all authentication modules that use security questions. 
DummyNotifierType TODO  
AssignmentTargetSearchExpressionEvaluatorType Create an expression that provides an assignment based on search results. 
PopulateItemType TODO  
SimpleResourceObjectNotifierType TODO  
MappingEvaluationRequestType TODO . 
ReconciliationWorkStateType State of the reconciliation activity. 
ProvisioningStatisticsOperationEntryType Information on operations of given type and result status. 
BucketManagementOperationStatisticsType Information about specific kind of work bucket management operation performance. 
AbstractWorkBucketContentType Abstract supertype for description of bucket contents. 
PlannedOperationAttemptType Describes an attempt that is to be made. 
AssignmentEvaluationTraceType Trace for assignment evaluation operation. 
SynchronizationActionType Defines an action to take when a synchronization situation is encountered. 
UcfChangeType Description of the change in the external resource at the UCF level i. 
AsyncUpdateListeningActivityInformationType Information on async update listening activity. 
RepositorySearchTraceType TEMPORARY - REMOVE  
TriggerCreationType Deals with creation of recompute triggers for selected objects. 
MessagePropertyType Message property (key-value pair). 
LocalizableMessageTemplateType A template that produces a localizable message after argument expressions are evaluated into specific arguments. 
ObjectDeltaOperationType TODO  
HookListType TODO  
ExpressionEvaluatorWrapperType Wrapper for expression evaluator. 
AccessCertificationDefinitionForReportType Access certification definition augmented with report-related information (e. 
FormFieldType A single form field. 
AbstractWorkItemActionType TODO EXPERIMENTAL  
RoleType A role in the extended Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) sense. 
ProvisioningScriptArgumentType Script argument. 
OperationProvisioningScriptsType Collection of scripts to be executed for various provisioning operations. 
ServiceType This object type represents any kind of abstract or concrete services or devices such as servers, virtual machines, printers, mobile devices, network nodes, application servers, applications or anything similar. 
SimpleFocalObjectNotifierType TODO  
SchemaAttachedPolicyRulesType Why was this process started? For processes based on policy rules we define it via relevant policy rules. 
ScriptExpressionEvaluatorConfigurationType Data structure that contains all the configuration details for script execution, except for code itself. 
PolicyRuleEvaluationTraceType Trace for policy rule evaluation operation. 
SequenceType Definition of a sequence object that produces unique values. 
FocusLoadedTraceType Information about focus being loaded. 
WfChangeProcessorConfigurationType Configuration for workflow change processor. 
WorkItemEscalationEventType Event describing the fact of escalation. 
AsyncUpdateSourceType Source of asynchronous updates. 
AbstractWorkDefinitionType Marker type for an activity work definition. 
ObjectSetBasedWorkDefinitionType A definition that applies to a set of repository objects. 
FormItemClientValidationType javascript stuff, we replace ${this} with proper input id, probably some jQuery black magic TODO: add event type attribute to client element for this validator  
BucketProcessingRecordType Information about bucket completion or analysis to be recorded in buckets report. 
OperationBusinessContextType The business context of an operation. 
MappingTimeDeclarationType Specification of time-based mapping constraints. 
SynchronizationReactionType Reaction to a synchronization situation. 
WorkItemDelegationEventType Event describing the fact of delegation. 
MailConfigurationType Where and how to send mail notifications (or any other mail messages). 
RepositoryDeleteTraceType Trace for repository DELETE operation. 
CaseType TODO  
ClockworkClickTraceType Trace for Clockwork. 
AsyncProvisioningAddOperationRequestedType JAXB version of OperationRequested. 
NotificationMessageAttachmentType Message attachment for notifications. 
StageCompletionEventType Event describing the completion of a workflow process instance stage.