Class CurrentBucketStatistics

  • public class CurrentBucketStatistics
    extends Object
    Maintains selected statistical information related to processing items during task part execution. Currently this means it is bound to a single bucket. Must be thread safe.
    • Field Detail

      • startTimeMillis

        protected volatile long startTimeMillis
        The wall clock time when the bucket execution started.
      • endTimeMillis

        protected volatile Long endTimeMillis
        When the bucket execution ended.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CurrentBucketStatistics

        public CurrentBucketStatistics()
    • Method Detail

      • addDuration

        public double addDuration​(double delta)
      • getWallClockTime

        public final long getWallClockTime​(long now)
      • getStartTimeMillis

        public long getStartTimeMillis()
      • getEndTimeMillis

        public Long getEndTimeMillis()
      • getErrors

        public int getErrors()
      • getItemsProcessed

        public int getItemsProcessed()