Class GenericConnectorException

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    public class GenericConnectorException
    extends RuntimeException
    Generic indistinguishable error of a connector framework. Please do not use this exception if possible! Only errors that cannot be categorized or that are not expected at all should use this exception. This is RUNTIME exception. As this error is generic and we cannot distinguish any details, there is no hope that an interface client can do anything with it. So don't even bother catching it.
    Radovan Semancik
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    • Constructor Detail

      • GenericConnectorException

        public GenericConnectorException()
      • GenericConnectorException

        public GenericConnectorException​(String message)
      • GenericConnectorException

        public GenericConnectorException​(Throwable cause)
      • GenericConnectorException

        public GenericConnectorException​(String message,
                                         Throwable cause)