Class MAuditEventRecord

  • public class MAuditEventRecord
    extends Object
    Querydsl "row bean" type related to QAuditEventRecord.

    Design notes (TODO reconsider in 2021 and possibly remove if settled): This bean is super stupid for now. It can have getters/setters and handle more transformations and trimming (in setters), but at this moment this is left to transformation code like in AuditEventRecordSqlTransformer. I'd not suggest to move complete transformations here, but small conversions and trimming could be here - but how to do it reasonably without converting all fields to private + set/get methods? Can additional setter indicate conversion/trimming duties? What about methods like SqlTransformer.trim(java.lang.String, com.querydsl.sql.ColumnMetadata), should we create common supertype to make it easy to call them in M-beans? Or should we use RUtil?