Class SqlRepositoryConfiguration

  • public class SqlRepositoryConfiguration
    extends Object
    This class is used for SQL repository configuration. It reads values from Apache configuration object (xml).
    • Constructor Detail

      • SqlRepositoryConfiguration

        public SqlRepositoryConfiguration​(org.apache.commons.configuration2.Configuration configuration)
    • Method Detail

      • getDefaultEmbeddedJdbcUrlPrefix

        public String getDefaultEmbeddedJdbcUrlPrefix()
        Prepares a prefix (first part) of JDBC URL for embedded database. Used also by configurator of tasks (quartz) module; it adds its own db names and parameters to this string.
        prefix of JDBC URL like jdbc:h2:file:d:\midpoint\midpoint
      • isAsServer

        public boolean isAsServer()
        Returns true if repository is running in embedded server mode, otherwise false. Default is false.
      • getBaseDir

        public String getBaseDir()
      • getDriverClassName

        public String getDriverClassName()
      • isEmbedded

        public boolean isEmbedded()
      • getHibernateDialect

        public String getHibernateDialect()
        Value represents hibernate dialect used to communicate with database. You can choose from dialects

        It's used in "hibernate.dialect" property

        hibernate dialect
      • getHibernateHbm2ddl

        public String getHibernateHbm2ddl()
      • setHibernateHbm2ddl

        public void setHibernateHbm2ddl​(String hibernateHbm2ddl)
      • getJdbcPassword

        public String getJdbcPassword()
        Password for JDBC connection. (Optional)
      • getJdbcUrl

        public String getJdbcUrl()
        JDBC URL connection string for hibernate data source. (for embedded mode it's created automatically).
      • getJdbcUsername

        public String getJdbcUsername()
        Username for JDBC connection. (Optional)
      • getPort

        public int getPort()
        Port number if repository is running in embedded server mode. Default is 5437.
      • isTcpSSL

        public boolean isTcpSSL()
        Value represents repository running in embedded server mode with SSL turned on/off. Default value is false.
        Returns true if repository is running in embedded server mode and SSL turned on.
      • getFileName

        public String getFileName()
        Used in embedded mode to define h2 database file name. Default will be "midpoint".
        name of DB file
      • isDropIfExists

        public boolean isDropIfExists()
      • isLockForUpdateViaHibernate

        public boolean isLockForUpdateViaHibernate()
      • isLockForUpdateViaSql

        public boolean isLockForUpdateViaSql()
      • getReadOnlyTransactionStatement

        public String getReadOnlyTransactionStatement()
      • getPerformanceStatisticsFile

        public String getPerformanceStatisticsFile()
      • getPerformanceStatisticsLevel

        public int getPerformanceStatisticsLevel()
      • isIterativeSearchByPaging

        public boolean isIterativeSearchByPaging()
      • getIterativeSearchByPagingBatchSize

        public int getIterativeSearchByPagingBatchSize()
      • setIterativeSearchByPagingBatchSize

        public void setIterativeSearchByPagingBatchSize​(int iterativeSearchByPagingBatchSize)
      • getMaxObjectsForImplicitFetchAllIterationMethod

        public int getMaxObjectsForImplicitFetchAllIterationMethod()
      • getDataSource

        public String getDataSource()
      • getMinPoolSize

        public int getMinPoolSize()
      • getMaxPoolSize

        public int getMaxPoolSize()
      • getMaxLifetime

        public Long getMaxLifetime()
      • getIdleTimeout

        public Long getIdleTimeout()
      • isUseZip

        public boolean isUseZip()
      • setFullObjectFormat

        public void setFullObjectFormat​(String fullObjectFormat)
        This is normally not used outside of tests, but should be safe to change any time.
      • isIgnoreOrgClosure

        public boolean isIgnoreOrgClosure()
      • isUsingH2

        public boolean isUsingH2()
      • isUsingOracle

        public boolean isUsingOracle()
      • isUsingMySqlCompatible

        public boolean isUsingMySqlCompatible()
      • isUsingPostgreSQL

        public boolean isUsingPostgreSQL()
      • isUsingSQLServer

        public boolean isUsingSQLServer()
      • isStopOnOrgClosureStartupFailure

        public boolean isStopOnOrgClosureStartupFailure()
      • isSkipOrgClosureStructureCheck

        public boolean isSkipOrgClosureStructureCheck()
      • isCreateMissingCustomColumns

        public boolean isCreateMissingCustomColumns()
      • isSkipExplicitSchemaValidation

        public boolean isSkipExplicitSchemaValidation()
      • getSchemaVersionIfMissing

        public String getSchemaVersionIfMissing()
      • getSchemaVersionOverride

        public String getSchemaVersionOverride()
      • getSchemaVariant

        public String getSchemaVariant()
      • getInitializationFailTimeout

        public long getInitializationFailTimeout()
      • isEnableNoFetchExtensionValuesInsertion

        public boolean isEnableNoFetchExtensionValuesInsertion()
      • isEnableNoFetchExtensionValuesDeletion

        public boolean isEnableNoFetchExtensionValuesDeletion()
      • isEnableIndexOnlyItems

        public boolean isEnableIndexOnlyItems()
      • getTextInfoColumnSize

        public int getTextInfoColumnSize()
      • setEnableNoFetchExtensionValuesInsertion

        public void setEnableNoFetchExtensionValuesInsertion​(boolean enableNoFetchExtensionValuesInsertion)
      • setEnableNoFetchExtensionValuesDeletion

        public void setEnableNoFetchExtensionValuesDeletion​(boolean enableNoFetchExtensionValuesDeletion)
      • setEnableIndexOnlyItems

        public void setEnableIndexOnlyItems​(boolean enableIndexOnlyItems)