Interface SystemConfigurationChangeDispatcher

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    public interface SystemConfigurationChangeDispatcher
    Central point of dispatching notifications about changes to the system configuration object.
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      • dispatch

        void dispatch​(boolean ignoreVersion,
                      boolean allowNotFound,
                      OperationResult result)
               throws SchemaException
        Dispatches information on system configuration object change. Basically this directly pushes information to lower layers (prism, schema, repo, etc), and calls registered listeners that originate in upper layers.
        ignoreVersion - If false, the information is dispatched unconditionally. If true, we dispatch the notification only if the system configuration version was really changed. This is to easily support sources that "ping" sysconfig object in regular intervals, e.g. the cluster manager thread.
        allowNotFound - If true, we take non-existence of sysconfig object more easily. To be used e.g. on system init or during tests execution.
      • registerListener

        void registerListener​(SystemConfigurationChangeListener listener)
        Registers a listener that will be updated on system configuration object changes.