Interface CacheDispatcher

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    public interface CacheDispatcher
    Dispatches events to cache listeners (currently CacheRegistry and ClusterCacheListener).
    • Method Detail

      • registerCacheListener

        void registerCacheListener​(CacheListener cacheListener)
      • unregisterCacheListener

        void unregisterCacheListener​(CacheListener cacheListener)
      • dispatchInvalidation

        <O extends ObjectType> void dispatchInvalidation​(@Nullable
                                                         @Nullable Class<O> type,
                                                         @Nullable String oid,
                                                         boolean clusterwide,
                                                         @Nullable CacheInvalidationContext context)
        Dispatches "cache entry/entries invalidation" event to all relevant caches, even clusterwide if requested so.
        type - Type of object(s) to be invalidated. Null means 'all types' (implies oid is null as well).
        oid - Object(s) to be invalidated. Null means 'all objects of given type(s)'.
        clusterwide - True if the event has to be distributed clusterwide.
        context - Context of the invalidation request (optional).