Class PurgeSchemaExecutor

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      • PurgeSchemaExecutor

        public PurgeSchemaExecutor()
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      • execute

        public PipelineData execute​(ActionExpressionType expression,
                                    PipelineData input,
                                    ExecutionContext context,
                                    OperationResult globalResult)
                             throws ScriptExecutionException
        Description copied from interface: ActionExecutor
        Executes given action command.
        expression - Command to be executed. Its parameters can be defined statically (using "new" specific subclasses in the schema) or dynamically (using "old fashioned" dynamic name-value parameters) or in a mixed style, where dynamic definitions take precedence.
        input - Input data (pipeline) that the action has to be executed on.
        context - Overall execution context.
        globalResult - Global operation result. This is the parent result that receives subresults related to actions executions. (But individual results are stored also into the pipeline, to indicate success/failure of individual pipeline items processing.)