Class AssignmentProcessor

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    public class AssignmentProcessor
    extends Object
    implements ProjectorProcessor
    Assignment processor is recomputing user assignments. It recomputes all the assignments whether they are direct or indirect (roles). Processor does not do the complete recompute. Only the account "existence" is recomputed. I.e. the processor determines what accounts should be added, deleted or kept as they are. The result is marked in account context SynchronizationPolicyDecision. This step does not create any deltas. It recomputes the attributes to delta set triples but does not "refine" them to deltas yet. It cannot create deltas as other mapping may interfere, e.g. outbound mappings. These need to be computed before we can create the final deltas (because there may be mapping exclusions, interference of weak mappings, etc.) The result of assignment processor are intermediary data in the context such as LensContext.evaluatedAssignmentTriple and LensProjectionContext.accountConstructionDeltaSetTriple.
    Radovan Semancik