Interface EvaluatedResourceObjectConstruction

    • Method Detail

      • getResource

        @NotNull PrismObject<ResourceType> getResource()
        Resource on which the object is to be constructed.
      • getKind

        @NotNull ShadowKindType getKind()
        Kind of the resource object.
      • getIntent

        String getIntent()
        Intent of the resource object.
      • getTag

        @Nullable String getTag()
        Tag of the resource object (for multiaccounts).
      • isDirectlyAssigned

        boolean isDirectlyAssigned()
        Is the resource object directly assigned to the focus object? (False means there is an inducement in the assignment path.) TODO What about delegations?
      • getAssignmentPath

        AssignmentPath getAssignmentPath()
        Full path from the focus object to the respective construction.
      • isWeak

        boolean isWeak()
        Is the construction weak (i.e. conditional)?