Class ConnectorOperationalStatus

    • Constructor Detail

      • ConnectorOperationalStatus

        public ConnectorOperationalStatus()
    • Method Detail

      • getConnectorName

        public String getConnectorName()
      • setConnectorName

        public void setConnectorName​(String connectorName)
      • getConnectorClassName

        public String getConnectorClassName()
      • setConnectorClassName

        public void setConnectorClassName​(String connectorClassName)
      • getPoolConfigMaxSize

        public Integer getPoolConfigMaxSize()
      • setPoolConfigMaxSize

        public void setPoolConfigMaxSize​(Integer poolConfigMaxSize)
      • getPoolConfigMinSize

        public Integer getPoolConfigMinSize()
      • setPoolConfigMinSize

        public void setPoolConfigMinSize​(Integer poolConfigMinSize)
      • getPoolConfigMinIdle

        public Integer getPoolConfigMinIdle()
      • setPoolConfigMinIdle

        public void setPoolConfigMinIdle​(Integer poolConfigMinIdle)
      • getPoolConfigMaxIdle

        public Integer getPoolConfigMaxIdle()
      • setPoolConfigMaxIdle

        public void setPoolConfigMaxIdle​(Integer poolConfigMaxIdle)
      • getPoolConfigWaitTimeout

        public Long getPoolConfigWaitTimeout()
      • setPoolConfigWaitTimeout

        public void setPoolConfigWaitTimeout​(Long poolConfigWaitTimeout)
      • getPoolConfigMinEvictableIdleTime

        public Long getPoolConfigMinEvictableIdleTime()
      • setPoolConfigMinEvictableIdleTime

        public void setPoolConfigMinEvictableIdleTime​(Long poolConfigMinEvictableIdleTime)
      • getPoolStatusNumIdle

        public Integer getPoolStatusNumIdle()
      • setPoolStatusNumIdle

        public void setPoolStatusNumIdle​(Integer poolStatusNumIdle)
      • getPoolStatusNumActive

        public Integer getPoolStatusNumActive()
      • setPoolStatusNumActive

        public void setPoolStatusNumActive​(Integer poolStatusNumActive)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • debugDump

        public String debugDump()
        Description copied from interface: DebugDumpable
        Show the content of the object intended for diagnostics by system administrator. The out put should be suitable to use in system logs at "debug" level. It may be multi-line, but in that case it should be well indented and quite terse. As it is intended to be used by system administrator, it should not use any developer terms such as class names, exceptions or stack traces.
        Specified by:
        debugDump in interface DebugDumpable
        content of the object intended for diagnostics by system administrator.