Class InternalMonitor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    PrismMonitor, DebugDumpable

    public class InternalMonitor
    extends Object
    implements PrismMonitor, DebugDumpable
    Simple monitoring object. It records the count of expensive operations in the system. It is used in the tests to make sure such operations are not executed more frequently than expected. It may also have some run-time value.
    Radovan Semancik
    • Constructor Detail

      • InternalMonitor

        public InternalMonitor()
    • Method Detail

      • setTrace

        public static void setTrace​(InternalCounters counter,
                                    boolean val)
      • recordConnectorOperation

        public static void recordConnectorOperation​(String name)
      • recordConnectorModification

        public static void recordConnectorModification​(String name)
      • recordRepositoryRead

        public static <O extends ObjectType> void recordRepositoryRead​(Class<O> type,
                                                                       String oid)
      • isCloneTimingEnabled

        public static boolean isCloneTimingEnabled()
      • setCloneTimingEnabled

        public static void setCloneTimingEnabled​(boolean cloneTimingEnabled)
      • getPrismObjectCloneDurationMillis

        public static long getPrismObjectCloneDurationMillis()
      • setPrismObjectCloneDurationMillis

        public static void setPrismObjectCloneDurationMillis​(long prismObjectCloneDurationNanos)
      • recordRoleEvaluation

        public static <F extends AssignmentHolderType> void recordRoleEvaluation​(F target,
                                                                                 boolean fullEvaluation)
      • recordRoleEvaluationSkip

        public static <F extends AssignmentHolderType> void recordRoleEvaluationSkip​(F target,
                                                                                     boolean fullEvaluation)
      • reset

        public static void reset()
      • debugDumpStatic

        public static String debugDumpStatic​(int indent)