Class ResourceOperationDescription

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    public class ResourceOperationDescription
    extends Object
    implements DebugDumpable
    Describes an attempt to apply a change to a specific resource object.
    Radovan Semancik
    • Constructor Detail

      • ResourceOperationDescription

        public ResourceOperationDescription()
    • Method Detail

      • getObjectDelta

        public ObjectDelta<? extends ShadowType> getObjectDelta()
        The operation that was about to execute and that has failed.
      • getCurrentShadow

        public PrismObject<? extends ShadowType> getCurrentShadow()
        Shadow describing the object that was the target of the operation. It may a "temporary" shadow that is not yet bound to a specific resource object (e.g. in case of add operation).
      • getSourceChannel

        public String getSourceChannel()
      • setSourceChannel

        public void setSourceChannel​(String sourceChannel)
      • getResult

        public OperationResult getResult()
        Result of the failed operation.
      • isAsynchronous

        public boolean isAsynchronous()
        True if the operation is asynchronous. I.e. true if the operation cannot provide direct return value and therefore the invocation of the listener is the only way how to pass operation return value to the upper layers. This may be useful e.g. for decided whether log the message and what log level to use (it can be assumed that the error gets logged at least once for synchronous operations, but this may be the only chance to properly log it for asynchronous operations).
      • setAsynchronous

        public void setAsynchronous​(boolean asynchronous)
      • getAttemptNumber

        public int getAttemptNumber()
      • setAttemptNumber

        public void setAttemptNumber​(int attemptNumber)
      • checkConsistence

        public void checkConsistence()
      • debugDump

        public String debugDump()
        Description copied from interface: DebugDumpable
        Show the content of the object intended for diagnostics by system administrator. The out put should be suitable to use in system logs at "debug" level. It may be multi-line, but in that case it should be well indented and quite terse. As it is intended to be used by system administrator, it should not use any developer terms such as class names, exceptions or stack traces.
        Specified by:
        debugDump in interface DebugDumpable
        content of the object intended for diagnostics by system administrator.