Class ModelController

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AccessCertificationService, ModelService, ScriptingService, TaskService, WorkflowService

    public class ModelController
    extends Object
    implements ModelService, TaskService, WorkflowService, ScriptingService, AccessCertificationService
    This used to be an interface, but it was switched to class for simplicity. I don't expect that the implementation of the controller will be ever replaced. In extreme case the whole Model will be replaced by a different implementation, but not just the controller.

    However, the common way to extend the functionality will be the use of hooks that are implemented here.

    Great deal of code is copied from the old ModelControllerImpl.

    lazyman, Radovan Semancik Note: don't autowire this bean by implementing class (ModelController), as it is proxied by Spring AOP. Use its interfaces instead.