Object Type Definitions  
Type Description
Complex Type Definitions  
Type Description
FilterContentExpressionType Keeps/removes selected items from the input value. 
ScriptingVariablesDefinitionType Definition of scripting variables. 
ScriptingExpressionEvaluationOptionsType Options related to evaluation of scripting expression. 
ExpressionPipelineType Pipeline of expressions - they are executed one after another, input sent to the pipeline as a whole is sent to the first expression. 
ExecuteScriptOutputType Output of a single script execution. 
ExpressionSequenceType Sequence of command expressions - they are executed one after another, input sent to the sequence as a whole is then sent individually to each expression. 
SelectExpressionType Select given item. 
ActionParameterValueType Value of a parameter for an action. 
SearchExpressionType Queries the model for objects of a given type, optionally fulfilling given condition. 
ScriptingVariableDefinitionType Definition of a scripting variable. 
ScriptingExpressionType Root of the expression type inheritance hierarchy. 
ForeachExpressionType Executes a given command individually for each item arriving at the input. 
FilterExpressionType Filters input on a given condition. 
ActionExpressionType Executes a given action (add, modify, delete, enable, disable, assign, .