27th August 2018

Identity management and governance as CIOs’ and CISOs’ priority

Risks should never be underestimated. To protect valuable information from potential external and internal threats, every chief information officer (CIO) and chief information security officer (CISO) stands in front of a crucial decision.

Implementation of a new tool improving efficiency and saving thousands is not enough. The security and data compliance don’t fall behind the list of priorities needed to be considered. And that’s where a proper IDM and governance system steps into the game.

As a comprehensive second-generation identity management and identity governance platform, midPoint is designed to fight against data breaches, loss and theft, significantly minimizing their probability and impact. Its well developed identity and some governance features as well as the platform’s future maintability offer firm long-term base for your security strategy.

With midPoint you will find a balance between what is good for security and what is good for business. See in details what makes midPoint right choice for your security and business needs: